Unable to take time off to accompany
your family member for hospital visits?

We provide dedicated hospital companions.

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Our companions will accompany and wait with your elderly throughout the process.

Enjoy peace of mind

Rest assured. Your elderly loved ones are in good hands.

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Know where your elderly loved ones are.

Summary Reports

Doctor’s update, next appointments, etc.

How we work

Introductory Trial

We provide an introductory trial for the first visit to the hospital with our companion, where you or the primary caregiver can tag along at a low rate.

A Great Match

We will shortlist and match your elderly loved one to one of our qualified, vetted companion based on language, shared interests, and more. To help you feel more comfortable, introductory video clips or photos of the companions will be provided.

One­ to­ one trusted relationship

Consistency is key. Your companion will be a friendly, familiar face who sees your elderly loved one each visit. You will enjoy transparency like never before — with notifications, photos, and receipts documenting every visit.

Strong Support Network

In the event your dedicated companion is not available, rest assured that our network of companions will still have you covered for the scheduled visits and services requested.

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